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Create a favorable climate For

Russian entrepreneurs to develop their business in the Middle Eastern and African markets as well as to attract MENA business and investors to Russia.


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The Russian Business Council (RBC) is a non-profit association of companies, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and influencers that facilitates trade and mutual investments between Russia and Middle East & Africa region. It supports the investors to take advantage of the economic growth and opportunities in these emerging markets.


The RBC serves as a bridge between Russia and the Middle East. It organizes annual forums, monthly networking events, publishes information on trade and business relations between the MEA region and Russia. Members of RBC enjoy free access to own and co-sponsored events, business guidance, support of the RBC office and fellow members. RBC is member of the Russian-Emirati Intergovernmental Commission, participant of multiple exhibitions and conferences in Russia and MEA region.

The RBC operates under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber, and is fully supported by the Russian Embassy in the UAE. It is the only Russian business organization in the GCC, and is the first port of call for Russian businesses in the UAE.

RBC is a unique source of experience and information in doing business in the MEA region, it has wide network of contacts among businessmen and government official. Members of the RBC benefit from association’s strong reputation, creative environment and members special offers.

The RBC offers many categories of membership – individual, corporate, and honorary. An application form for membership may be found at the home page.

There are a significant number of Russian businesses in the UAE market, with the RBC estimating the number of companies at around 3,000. Approximately 40,000 expatriate Russians and over 100,000 Russian speakers from CIS states live in the country. The UAE is also a popular tourist destination for Russians, with over 1 million people from Russia and the CIS states visiting the country each year.

Russia is major exporter of oil, gas, metals, and other natural resources. MEA, rich in natural resources as well, is an importer of Russian wheat, chemical products, heavy vehicles, aircrafts, transport equipment, machinery and electronics as well military equipment. Russian IT and high-tech companies are enjoying strong positions globally and meet the growing demand for smart technologies in the MEA.

With the world’s ninth largest economy and an abundance of natural gas, oil, coal and precious metal reserves, Russia is a prominent member of the BRICS market, and has the potential to be an attractive market for Gulf investors and firms. The country has experience and skills to offer in hospitality, property, aviation and infrastructural development.


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